The Haitian Heritage, founded in January 2016 in San Diego, California by Wister Gaetan and Ronald Jean-Louis, both asylum seekers. This non-profit Corporation aims of supporting the many needs of San Diego’s expanding Haitian refugee population. In addition to that, the Organization aims of promoting the Caribbean culture in the United States. The Haitian Heritage, with generous donations, volunteer’s work, and grants, endorses existing and new arrivals in providing  basic necessary __ Shelter,  Medical screening,  Food assistance,  legal reference__for smoother resettling in the American culture. The Haitian Heritage plans its field of action on providing educational support; social and cultural adaptation; guidance to all ethnicity.

On this first year of service, Haitian Heritage dedicates in providing assistance to numerous Haitian refugee  here in San Diego county, to the most vulnerable; to refugees, internally displaced persons, immigrants, those seeking asylum, victims of torture and war, distressed women and children and altogether those suffering from economic hardship.

Our actions in the near future include Creating workshop to welcome artistic skills, free art class to low-income families, Host free arts exposition, after school Photo and video production class, job help and training, English language class, free transportation network service, and legal immigration workshop.



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